Services for who is selling

If you are interested in selling your property, please fill the form in the section contact us.
We'll send you an email with some questions to gather basic information about the property and figure out whether it can be presented on the foreign market.
The submission of information is non-binding for both, only after the possible site inspection visit we will confirm you the ability to manage the property through our channels.

Site inspection visit
After receiving basic information, we can schedule an appointment in site to see the property, without any obligation, in order to confirm the ability to manage the sale.

Method of assignment: exclusive and non exclusive
Once you have visited the property, you can freely decide to entrust it to the Agency, this can happen in two different way: 1) You can decide to entrust it to the Agency in a non exclusive way, in this case you are free to sell the property by your own. But if the agency sell the property, these are the commission requested:
  • Till 120.000 euro 3% of the selling price
  • From 121.000 to 400.000 euros 2% of the selling price
  • Beyond 401.000 euro 1% of the selling price
These commissions are merely indicative and can vary (increase or decrease) according with the agent discretion.
2) You can decide to entrust it to the Agency in an exclusive way, in this case only the agency can sell the property, but you have 2 advantages:
1. The commission will be lower than the standard commission
2. You will have a preferential channel for the advertising of your property, as it will be advertise in 3 manners:
  • real estate showcase at the agency
  • Advertising on web sites our partners
  • Advertising on magazines
Advertising channels:

What happens if a customer shows interest.
When a customer show interest about a property, our staff will conduct an in-depth interview to understand the client's needs in order to perform a filter and organize site inspections visit only with buyers whose applications are potentially match with the property.

The contract: the conclusion bound to the receipt of the deposit
After the visit, in case the buyer is interested to proceed, ATTICO IMMOBILIARE will prepare a full purchase Preliminary Proposal, signed by the purchaser, which will be submitted to the owner. The proposal is set in such way that the agreement, after acceptance by the vendor, will end only when the property owner receives the deposit in your bank account, equal to approximately 10% of the sale price.

The notarial act: we stand at your side
ATTICO IMMOBILIARE will assist you without further costs; will remain by your side until the public Act, dealing with preparation of all documents necessary for the notary.