Customized research for buyers

Which agency to choose?
For the research of your house in you probably can connect directly through the Internet, magazines or contacting more estate agents. This is normal and is the first step but our suggestion is to identify a single contact point to rely on that is organized to best assist you from the beginning of the research until the public act and beyond.

Select and coordinate: need help?
Probably the material and information you received are uneven, sometimes very different from agency to Agency, sometimes limited or incomplete with the possibility of organizing visits without knowing exactly what you're going to see. You may receive the same property by two different agencies, but presented in such a way that you will not realize it until the day of the visit. There are also important elements difficult to assess just through photos and descriptions on the internet (the legal aspect, urban etc...) In short, the risk of wasting time is high, and the same contact and coordination with the various agencies can be quite stressful.

Maybe someone can do this in your place and leave to you the most important part: the pleasure of choosing between already selected properties.

"Sole Agent" service: single interlocutor, more benefits, less stress

With the "Sole Agent" service you can instruct ATTICO IMMOBILIARE as your exclusive agent to search for you the most valuable real estate on the territory, even through other colleagues and agencies. If you want, you are however free to locate yourself properties and report it to ATTICO IMMOBILIARE which will contact colleagues and filter for you the proposals and send only those proposals more adhering to your request.

The advantages of "Sole Agent" service:
  • ATTICO IMMOBILIARE knows which are the best agency to work with for the search of the property
  • We will make our first impartial filter, for presenting only the most suitable properties
  • Your agent will arrange appointments also for properties of other agencies and will assist you during visits
  • If you like, you can continue to look for interesting properties yourself on the internet reporting them to ATTICO IMMOBILIARE who will contact for you the agency
  • you don’t have to pay reimbursements to none and we'll take care of the economic report, sharing the commission with colleagues
  • If you change the parameters of your query we will update accordingly our employees
  • you will receive material and information about properties arranged in a uniform manner
  • if the two agencies would propose the same property, we'll identify the best avoiding double visits
  • Once you have bought your property you will not receive email with offers from other agencies.
The "Sole agent" custom search service has additional cost?
No, no additional fee is required for the custom research service. At the time of purchase, the buyer pays to ATTICO IMMOBILIARE the normal Commission without further expenditure on the research carried out.

Consultants, not just sellers
Each sale is the natural consequence of a service and a job well done.
For this our only goal is to attend our customers. We are here to help
It is not important whether the property you are looking for is already among those in our portfolio or not, what interests us is to help you find the right one activating if necessary through a custom search, at no additional cost to you.

Listen, listen, listen
The first phase of our work is to offer real estate but listen carefully to your needs. An essential prerequisite for defining the terms of the research and be able to point out the most righteous properties.
  • What pushes you to buy?
  • What are the two or three requirements that the property must possess?
  • What items must be absolutely absent?
And you, do you know what you want?
First of all ask yourself these same questions. Maybe you think of a country house, maybe you want a swimming pool, an outbuilding... Rarely, you will find a property that is already perfect because every home is different, as every person. You may find the right property and lose it because it doesn't meet secondary requirements, perhaps easily implementable.

Primary and secondary requirements
There are features such as geographical location, the hilly position, orientation, etc. You cannot change. These are some of the basic elements to be taken in consideration along with other purely subjective and personal factors. Other features can almost always be added later, or modified, such as interior finishes, the color of the walls, a bathroom or a kitchen. Become aware and distinguish them can help you save a lot of time and to focus on the really important research conditions. Once you find the property that meet your needs, you can relax and leave room for the emotional part of the purchase, an essential element that is sometimes confused in an attempt to rationalize and take into account the smallest details if placed on the same level.

Better less but right
Maybe you have already visited other properties and sometimes you lost time to visit properties that you had received few details that did not correspond to the characteristics required or pictures viewed. For this first visits we always provide full documentation to properly evaluate every property: description, wide photo shoot, often including the floor plans. Even we prefer to show you only suitable properties rather than lose the whole day to see useless alternatives. Time is precious and we must respect it.

And if you find the right property?
If you liked one of the properties and want to make an offer, ATTICO IMMOBILIARE will complete a purchase proposal with every detail.

Congratulations, the proposal has been accepted!
If your proposal is accepted by the seller, we will cover the mandatory registration. We will assist until the public Act, to obtain the necessary documentation and transmitting them to the notary you chose. If you do not have a notary, we can indicate one.

You purchased the House ... Now what you have to do?
Once you have bought your property, we will help you in handling all the paperwork relating to the transfer of contracts for utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc...).